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Radmehr House

In February 2010 ( Bahman 1398 ) , after a year of administrative follow-up and the issuance of an agreement in principle to establish the Radmehr Rehabilitation Center, a round-the-clock effort was made by Mr. Mahdi Momeni Moghadam and Ms . Fatemeh Hashemi to adapt and equip the center.

Goals of Radmehr House

It is done as follows:

Due to the experience gained during several years of service to people with disabilities and according to the needs of society regarding having centers with modern world standards, the executive team of Radmehr Center, thanks to God, was able to purchase land with an area of 1400 meters.
The center intends to build bedrooms, dining halls, prayer houses, playrooms, sports rooms, movie rooms, libraries and green spaces by obtaining the necessary permits and, of course, funding.
Due to the fact that the main current need of children is job, in the development plan of the center, in addition to the development of the building, a workshop construction plan has also been considered.
Due to the lack of financial resources, this project needs the help of charitable donors. Obviously, based on this important the following perspective can be considered for the future of the center’s development plan…

Radmehr’s children at the international level

In September 2017, at the invitation of the Lebenshilfe Institute, the six-member football team of the Radmehr Center was sent to the relevant competitions in its first international experience.
The competition was held in Berlin with the participation of 11 teams of 6 people, including people with special conditions from different cities of Germany, and with the presence of a representative of the Iranian Welfare Organization (Radmehr Center). The excitement of the children on the day of the competition was quite impressive and unparalleled…

Radmehr building

From the beginning of its establishment until the middle of 1397, Radmehr activities was in rented buildings which have gotten the basic standards of the Welfare Organization. Definitely, the rental form, despite keeping about 30 children with disabilities, caused a lot of problems. Therefore, the main concern and preoccupation of managers was to try to get rid of that difficult situation. Especially from 1995 to mid-1997, when the center was moved to an almost non-standard location, making the conditions for the residents of the center unbearable.
In 1397, thanks to God, a miracle happened…