Fatemeh Hashemi

God, give me a pure and living heart

Degree of education: Master of personality psychology

Job record :

Financial founder and CEO and member of the board of directors of Saraye  Radmehr Rehabilitation Charity in Tehran province.

Psychologist of Radmehr Rehabilitation Charity in Tehran province

Behnoud Psychiatric Center’s social work assistant

Psychologist of Shahid Nasser Ghorbani Charity Foundation in Mallard

Founder of bean and tea packing workshop, under the supervision of Mallard County Guilds Union

Founder and Chairman of the Board and Senior Advisor of Mehravaran Social Injury Prevention Institute

Instructor of Life and Family Skills Workshops in Tehran and Alborz Provinces

Director of the Women’s Cultural Association named Helal Ahmar in Shahryar province.

In 1398 Presents an article on the effectiveness of positive psychotherapy on social anxiety and aggression in psychotic adolescents in Allameh Tabatabaei University.

Presenting an article on the relationship between parents’ lifestyle and children’s creativity and recording this article in the collection of abstracts of the 5th National Conference on School Psychology in 1397.


 Social activity:

Assess individual skills in people with disabilities and encourage them to identify individual talents and maturity in relation to these talents.

Use the power and potential to establish packaging workshops and get clients among people who are seeking help then training and use employ them.

Research in the field of nutrition and health Nutrition and optimization for the growth of the disabled community living in care centers.

Research and study the problems of people with mild mental disabilities and create appropriate solutions to solve their problems

Identify appropriate solutions for people with disabilities and their behavioral problems

Holding conferences and ceremonies on the subject of empathy and kindness  toward the handicaps  among the public

Holding sports conferences for women to improve mental health At Shahriar Red Crescent Sports Club