Mahdi Momeni Moghadam

Having a negative mind is the biggest mental disability

Degree of education : Bachelor of clinical psychology / Master of personality psychology 

Current job records :

Founder and technical manager of Radmehr’s small houses in Alborz province 

Psychologist of Radmehr’s small houses in Alborz province

Member of Iranian Psychological Association No. 25393

An activist in realm of working children

Individual, occupational, industrial counseling.

Scientific records : 

 Articles translating 

1 . Modifier jokes, Boundary personality character and suicidal ideation

2 . Increase explicit confidence by using your referral task

3 . Moral objectivism and a punishing God

4 . Study and review the relationship between social support and psychological insecurity with cyber victims and anxiety symptoms in adolescents

5 . Treatment of antisocial personality disorder ( ASPD) : Develop a framework-based approach

6 . Check the hidden classes of smartphone users : Relationship between psychological pathology and problematic use of smartphones
7 . Life after Corona

Has a certificate of completion:

1 . Treatment based on acceptance and commitment ( ACT)

2 . Mindfulness therapy  ( MINDFULNESS)

3 . Schema therapy 

4 . Psychological interventions in emotional failure 

5 . Child and adolescent sexual education course

6 . Urban road adaptation course for people with disabilities

Former job records: 

1 . Over fifteen years of management experience in industrial companies 

2 . About five years trading in the direction of import and export

3 . Four years as the technical manager of the Girls’ Mental Rehabilitation Center 

4 . Three years as a consultant at the Family Counseling Center 

And …..